Through streets and alleys

In this walkingtour, we travel through Alfama, a popular neighborhood closely linked to the various peoples who left their historical mark on the city.

We’ll start our tour at Casa dos Bicos, this former private residence is now the headquarters of the Saramago foundation. We leave the river behind and head towards the church of S. António, a space that keeps alive the cult and popular tradition associated with the saint who died in Italy.

A few steps away, we find the compact cathedral of Lisbon. This was an ancient place of cult for Romans, Arabs and Christians.

Starting to climb, we will reach the Portas do Sol viewpoint overlooking the colorful houses and the enormous water mirror of the tagus river.

We will start to go down the streets and alleys, feeling the atmosphere of the neighborhood and its people. We will end our journey by the river.

Close to the old water pumping station, which houses the Fado museum, preserving and disseminating a vast collection of this musical style, classified by UNESCO.

To find out more, come with me!