The Legacy of the “Estado Novo” in Belém Quarter

1940 was a year of great celebrations in Portugal and, particularly, in Lisbon with the Exhibition of the Portuguese World, which completely altered the Bairro de Belém, giving it many of the elements that are still remarkable in its landscape today.
With this tour we intend to present the legacy left by the “Estado Novo” in this neighbourhood, which has become one of the most important tourist areas in the capital. For two hours we will have the opportunity to know an important moment in the history of this country and the profound urban transformations introduced in this beautiful area. Next to the Tagus River, just before it flows into the sea and in the precise place where the Portuguese maritime epic began, we find the Padrão dos Descobrimentos, which will be our meeting point. There, we will start a trail that will take us to the fantastic Tropical Botanical Garden (entrance not included), which, in addition to its importance in botanical terms, was also one of the main centers of the exhibition.
We would like you to accompany us to discover interesting details, small stories from the history of a time so marked by the ideology and architecture of the “Estado Novo”. Come and discover a little bit of Portugal!

The tour takes 2 to 2,5 hours and will be guided by a certified guide
Being a walking tour comfortable shoes are recommended
The tour is recommended for families and it presents a certain difficulty for persons with walking limitations (40 steps and some unevenness in the botanical garden)
The entrance fee in the botanical garden is not included (4 euros)
-Confirmation after payment
-The guide has the Clean & Safe course
Due to pandemic:
-Masks are mandatory
-Social distance must be kept
-Maximum of 5 persons (covid limitation)