Petiscos - Food and wine

Gastronomy is culture. Let's tour around Lisbon and “taste” the city.
Do you know that UNESCO added the Mediterranean diet to the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of Italy, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Greece, Cyprus, and Croatia?
Wouldn't it be nice to have a Ginginha (Portuguese cherry liquor), or a Port Wine by the river side? Would you like to taste a Pastel de Bacalhau (cod souffle cake) in the oldest tavern of downtown Lisbon? Have you ever tasted a sardine? Or a Bifana (special fried pork steak on bread)? Do you know that Portuguese olive oil is one of the best in the world and we use it in almost all our recepies? Wouldn’t it be great to try an octopus salad seasoned with this precious golden liquid? How about a fantastic variety of Portuguese cheeses and smoked sausages? If you don’t eat pork meat it’s not a problem, we will order an Alheira and I will tell you the story of this unique delicacy while savouring a glass of white, red, rose or green sparkling wine. Did I say green sparkling wine? Just another story and another unique treasure, in the world, to be tasted. Cheers!!
A Pastel de Nata is granted for dessert.

We will stroll around really original places in Lisbon downtown and discover both the city and its taste on a 4hours walking tour.

You may decide on the spot among all these different items according to your taste and appetite.
Varieties of menus will be arranged according to each request

Fees based on the number of participants