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Park of the Nations the former Expo 98

140 EURO
Lisbon's most modern district is 24 years old; it is 5 km long and hosted Portugal's last international exhibition in 1998.

The theme of Expo 98 was ” The Oceans, a Heritage for the Future”, and intended to celebrate Vasco da Gama’s voyage to India in 1498.

The most oriental neighborhood in Lisbon was until 1993 forgotten and decadent. Containers, refineries, and slaughterhouses could be found in abandoned spaces. After 5 years of planning, cleaning, and building this new district became a weekend destination for lots of families, where international companies have their headquarters therefore an added value to Lisbon. This tour begins in front of the Orient station, passing by the most iconic buildings, and modern sculptures, enjoying the green areas with plenty of exotic and native trees. The subjects covered on this tour are Botany, History, Architecture, Street Art, and Economy. During our 3 walking tours these are the highlights we pass by: – the Oceanarium was the landmark of the exhibition, at that time, it was the largest aquarium in Europe. – some pavilions won architectural awards, such as the Pavilion of Knowledge, Utopia, and the Future now been transformed into a museum, multipurpose building, and casino of Lisbon. – Vasco da Gama Bridge, spanning the widest part of the Tagus estuary. – Orient railway station, designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. – The tour includes a visit to the green areas of the former Expo 98 with their native and exotic trees as well as the Garcia de Orta botanical garden.

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Price: 140€ per group up to 6 persons
Meet Your guide: The meeting point is at Oriente Square in front of the Vasco da Gama Shopping Center.
Duration: 3 hours
Dificulty: Level 1 – Easy
Inclusions: Tour guide
Please Note :

Level 1 – Easy

Flat terrain without obstacles. Wheelchair accessible. Duration 2h

Level 2 – Easy to Moderate

Mainly flat terrain (about 70% flat), gentle climbs and descents. Some steps. Wheelchair accessible only with the help of a third party. Duration is around 2 to 3 hours.

Level 3 – Moderate

Terrain about 40 to 60% flat. Moderate climbs and descents. Steps. not wheelchair accessible. Duration 3 hours 

Level 4 – Demanding

 Terrain about 20% to 40% flat. Some steep climbs and descends. Steps and uneven surfaces. Recommend for fit travelers. Duration between 3 to 5 hours.

Level 5 – Difficult 

Rolling and often steep terrain, 10 to 20% flat terrain. Uneven surfaces. Recommended for travelers used to hiking tours in nature. 

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