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Lisbon, a Glimpse over the Past, up to the Present

The hills of Lisbon.
A walk through Lisbon, a city with origins going back to the 1st century BC and whose history has been witnessed with some pieces of evidence that only a closer look can catch. During the tour, we will experience several periods in the History of the city and the lisboetas. We will be passing along some iconic timeless spaces, which have survived up to our days. I am proposing a 4-hour walk up and down the old Hills, which provides an explanation for why the city gained a mythic status in the 16th century and was one of the richest cities in the world.
To truly feel the city one has to stop and watch, feel, and taste…. And that’s exactly how we will end our experience, sitting somewhere in Chiado and enjoying a bica.

City Centre or Hotel in Lisbon.

Walking Tour
Opcional use of Elevators
Comfortable footwear is recommended.
Ending at Chiado quarter.
Tour up to 4 hours

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