Walking Tour through the WELLINGTON LINES
defending the TEJO LINE from the top

This walking tour takes place along 15 fortifications, built to defend the capital of the kingdom against the 3rd Napoleon's invasion, at the beginning of the 19th century. Always having the Tejo River as a landscape background, most part of the forts can be identified and are even visible. Gathering nature and history, only with a guided tour you will be able to identify these fortifications where you can even step in. For the nature lovers this is also an excelente opportunity to know the Mediterranean flora. Before we end our tour you will have a comforting pick nick with local food enjoying a breathtaking 300 degree view.

Meeting point: Alhandra (25 km/15,5 mi from Lisbon), exact spot to be defined

Walking distance: about 9 km (= 5,5 mi)

Means of transport: to the meeting point car, train or bus. At the end bus or we supply private transportation back to the meeting point (the use of mask is mandatory).

Walking grade: moderate to demanding

Terms and conditions:
maximum number of participantes: 9

For comfort, security and health reasons we advice the use of:
- comfortable walking shoes;
- long, bright-colour trousers, specially on Spring-time;
- hat or similar as well as sunscreen on sunny days;
- raincoat on light rainy days;
- having water with you is mandatory

Be aware:
- For everyone's well-being, this walking tour doesn't take place on harshly rainy days or fire-alarm;
- by accepting to do this walking tour you must follow the DGS (portuguese public health department) rules of keeping 2 meters (= 1,5 mi) between strangers, such as well as the coughing and sneezing rules against Covid-19;
- this walking tour can also be done in German or Romanian.