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Statuary on the Avenue

A new way of discovering the little stories of Lisboa just walking along the main avenue, Liberdade.
In 1886, Lisbon welcomed the new boulevard named Liberdade by the promotor Rosa Araújo. The following years would be characterized by the erection of several statues intended to embellish the avenue and honor writers, poets, musicians, and even politicians. To stroll along the Avenue was once a tradition among the locals. It became the perfect scenery for parades, fairs, and other festivities.
Our walking tour will begin in Praça dos Restauradores, overlooking the extension of the Avenue that allowed the city’s expansion. And it will end at the Pombal monument in the famous Rotunda and look back at the Avenue in all its splendor.


Paula Marques
Paula Marques EN
Meeting Point: Praça dos Restauradores (lado norte)
Duration: 2 hours
Price: 125€ for a maximum of 10 people

Availability upon request